How to Open A Smoke Shop

Learn the key components of a Smoke Shop Business Model and how to open a smoke shop.

The primary goal of this quick start course is to introduce you to the high level requirements to start a Smoke Shop business.  By the end of this guide, you will have the start-up foundations and operational tactics that we use to run our successful smoke shops in Atlanta, GA.

Main Features & How to Open A Smoke Shop

  • Take a deeper look at your personal WHY in your efforts of starting your own Smoke Shop Business
  • Learn the Business Model of a Smoke Shop that can be shared in one page with your potential business partners and investors
  • Learn the Municipal requirements & regulations that we had to circumnavigate to open a Smoke Shop
  • Learn how we found our locations and why locking up smoke shop real estate will be one of your most important tasks.
  • Learn what it takes to secure your store, and the technology needed to power your Point of Sale Operations
  • Learn 5 top vendors that will ship any smoke shop supplies to your new Smoke Shop
  • Learn the top 20 products out of over 3,500 SKU’s that we sell in our Smoke Shop
  • Learn Smoke Shop Employment tactics and how we create family members in our staff
  • Learn the leanest way start a smoke shop
  • Learn the key difference between a convenience store and a smoke shop

Who Should Subscribe to this Course?

  • Anyone interested in starting a smoke shop
  • Anyone with an existing store who could use extra products in their inventory

Starting a smoke shop can be a very intimidating process.  Weirdly enough, Googling “How to Open A Smoke Shop” only comes up with a few search engine results of any quality.  We are here to relieve some of your confusion.

This is our take on opening a smoke shop.  We’ve deconstructed our whole process.  Maybe others have done it differently… but we take pride in our humble success.

See you in the course…

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